We have various training options available to you depending on your leadership needs. For more information on how to take part in the training, contact Joel Preston via Joel@LeadAnyone.com

How to lead anyone

Based on the works of Dr Carl Jung, this training will significantly increase your team’s emotional intelligence. It will provide you with;

  • A personalised, in-depth, personality profile highlighting your preferred leadership “colour” and leadership style.
  • An understanding of what the other “colours” represent and how to lead a person who would be in any of these colour categories.
  • An invaluable understanding of how to work positively and effectively with a wide variety of people.
  • An increase in emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.
  • A knowledge of different leadership styles and how to apply them.


“It was interactive, interesting, useful and so applicable! You were patient, communicated clearly, engaged us and allowed us time for questions, input and discussions. It was all so so helpful! 10/10”

Emma Cribben, Yeovil.

“Your training was spot on. I learnt so much about my team, and myself as well. It is something I will use all throughout my youth leading years!”

Youth worker in the Midlands


Excellence in Line Management

Church teams who consistently recruit, train and empower volunteers well are 6 times more likely to experience congregational growth. This training will see individuals;

  • Know how to identify and recruit volunteers and staff members.
  • Quickly assess the strengths & weaknesses of people they meet.
  • Gain skills and characteristics of an excellent line manager.
  • Vastly improve their delegation skills in order to see more done with less resources.
  • Equip themselves with tools to coach and mentor those in their teams.
  • Understand how to run effective and action-inducing meetings.

“10 out of 10! The session was so informative. My questions were answered with lots of information given in a short time and Joel presented in a really relaxed & interactive way. The leaflet is so useful to be able to take the information home and talk about it with other members of our team. I would have liked longer!”

Donna, Christ-Church Weston super mare.


Productivity in ministry

The job is never done when working with people. This training will ensure no more wasting of hours, work or resources.This training provides your team with;

  • Tools to solve even the hardest of ministry problems and make effective decisions.
  • Time management skills to increase capacity.
  • Task and project management skills to get jobs done quicker and to a higher standard.
  • The skills to achieve the discipline of punctuality.
  • Resources to get more done in less time.

“Nearly 6 months on and I am still using the helpful time management techniques you taught in the seminar. Thank you.”
Youth Minister in the South East


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